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sissy fox

unpolished electropop with DIY-attitude.
warm dub, cool bristol soul and punky spoken words. skip the universe!
Joana Aderi (voice, song writing), Vincent Membrez (keys), Eva Seliner (trombone), Patrik Zosso (drums)

Phall Fatale

hardcore impro and song, spoken word, electronic and jazz, played by five curious border crossing musicians.
sounds like a dinosaur stomping through an urban sci-fi environment.
Fredy Studer (drums), Joana Aderi (voc, electr), Joy Frempong (voc, electr), John Edwards (bass), Daniel Sailer (bass).

Ghost Town

american songs from The Great Depression. jazz and folk noir.
Urs Vögeli (guitar), Joana Aderi (voice, electronics), Lukas Mantel (drums), Claude Meier (bass)

Pulp Noir

a multimedia performance group around Thomas Fischer and Julia Morf.
the current piece Silly Work is a theater simulation, where music, language and video create a flow of consciousness and take it to the ultimate overload.
a collage about work.